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Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. The web hosting payment is given in advance.

  2. There is no refund of payments in any case.

  3. Payment can be paid online through PayPal or Payoneer.

  4. Payment can be paid offline through Bank, Money Gram, Western Union, Easy Paisa or Mobi Cash.

  5. All sending charges will be given by the customer

  6. Payments can be deposited at our office or branches cash counters.

  7. Pakistani customers can pay in local currency.

  8. International Customers will have to pay only in US dollar.

  9. Monthly seats cost is paid in advance.

  10. Monthly seats could be cancelled with one month prior notice otherwise it will be billed for one month.

  11. Monthly seats cost could be deposited in local bank account or to our Pakistani Bank Account.

  12. Monthly seats payment is not accepted online through PayPal or Payoneer.

  13. WEBS reserves the right to change prices any time but we will provide 30 days notice through an email to all customers. The new prices will be applied on all existing customers as well.

Free Website Terms and Conditions

  1. It will be a six pages professional website designed by our website designers. Additional pages will be charged at $5 per page.

  2. Customer will first select a base template from our website templates section and will have to provide contents for six pages along with company logo. If a company wants to design a logo for his company we will charge $25 for logo design which will be given to customers in different formats to use.

  3. We provide one month free support to modify contents (maximum 2 requests).

  4. After the free support period every contents modification request will be charged at $5.

  5. Base template cannot be changed after selection and if a customer wishes to use another template then there will be a cost of $50 to change the template and the shifting of contents in new template.

Free Domain Terms and Conditions

  1. We provide free domain to every hosting customers. You can see free domains gTLDs and ccTLDs list in free domains section of the website.

  2. If a customer wishes to cancel the free website agreement and want to transfer the domain away there will be a fee of $15 to allow the domain transfer.

Web Hosting Terms and Conditions

  1. Web hosting disk space can only be used for website related files/contents and active emails only.

  2. Web hosting customers are not allowed to store media, contents other than website and files to download. WEBS explicitly reserve the right to review for excessive usage of CPU, disk space and other resources. WEBS will terminate the accounts involved without prior notice if needed.

  3. Spamming is not allowed on our network and the account involved will be terminated without any notice and there will be no refund.

  4. Your account will be upgraded to next level if currently purchased resource are used and a bill will be generated to adjust next level price. If the bill is not paid in 48 hours the level is downgraded and customer will have to adjust the disk space to get fit in your existing level.

  5. Use of the Services at WEBS is at your sole risk. We don't create/maintain backups. You agree to take full responsibility for all files, emails and data stored on WEBS servers. You will have to take/maintain backups.

  6. Paid backup service is available at $15 per year. Backups are taken every week and customer can ask to restore the backup anytime if anything goes wrong.

NOTE: We reserve the rights to change our Terms of services anytime in any manners. You are advised to review our Terms of Services periodically for the latest information.

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